Photowalk in Cologne

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I met with a friend from South Africa last night in Cologne. We started our photowalk in a rather disappointing rainy, overcast day in the afternoon and decided to go to the Walraff Museum instead. I am usually not that Museum kinda guy, but wow, I was blown away by the art presented there. It was probably the best museum I’ve ever been to. The displayed art was inspiring and at the time they closed the place (6pm), the clouds started to break off with a bit of sunshine here and there. After getting some finger-food down at the river, we strolled along and took some photos here and there of the beautiful old part of the city. We crossed the bridge with the famous “locks of love” and made our way towards the Hyatt Hotel. When we arrived on the other side, the clouds and sunset were just perfect. Not too intense and not too boring. The cloud movement created just the right amount action for the shots we wanted to take.

This shot:
I used a Nikon D7000, Tokina 12-24mm @f/8, Cokin Z-Pro Filter Holter, Hitech 1.2 GND filter, Hitech 0.9 ND filter, Manfrotto Tripod and Remote Shutter release. I am highly satisfied with the results from our shooting. The exposure time was 142 sec. at ISO 100 at 16mm. The shot is from a single RAW file. No HDR, almost no post-processing!

I will make it available in the online store shortly. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. More blog posts and photos also on my 500px and flickr site.

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  1. […] Timing is important for these kind of shots. You have to time your shot in a way that your exposure starts just before the sun starts to set and continues on until the sun has set. So there is only a very limited time frame (actually just one per day) to get this kind of photo. I did the same thing with the shot of the Cologne Bridge and Cathedral. […]

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