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Well, what can I say – patience pays off. I was up on the Ölberg in Germany waiting for a couple of hours for the sun to set at the right angle. Just before it finally settled behind the thick layer of clouds in the background I was able to get away with a few decent shots. This is one of them.

Since I lost my remote a few weeks ago and have been able to get a new one yet (on order) I simply used the self-timer (2sec) and adjusted the other settings accordingly. Works almost as good as remote. I used a Nikon D7000 and the 12-24mm lens with a Hitech 3-stop GND and Hitech 3-stop ND filter. All mounted on a (not very sturdy) Manfrotto tripod. This has to be my next investment. I realized this, when the camera started to tilt forwards slowly while taking long exposures :) – not a good sign usually.

Hope you guys like it.


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  1. Super cool. I was to lazy to go on the Kreuzberg and shoot the sunset over Cologne. I thought the clouds were to heavy.
    Why are you using a ND Filter?

  2. Hi Lars. You are right. I could have done without the ND filter, but I feel that it helps to bring out the red and purple colors a bit better. There is a Kreuzberg in Cologne…? I thought it was pretty flat up there :)

  3. Thanks, +André Distel.
    The Kreuzberg I mean is located in Bonn near the cemetery of Poppelsdorf. From there you have a nice view over the Cologne area.

  4. +Lars Vonderschmitt ok…yeah…it took me a while. That's acutually really close to where I live in Bonn-Lengsdorf. A 5min. walk max. Have never been up there though to take photos… ;)

  5. At least from the memory of a mountain bike tour the view was really nice. Don't know if it is great for taken pictures. Maybe I will try it out this evening.

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