Cherry Blossoms Bonn – Kirschblütenbäume in Bonn

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Please see a more up-to-date version here! This photo of the cherry trees was taken this year (2014) and is an 82 Megapixel Vertorama. Find out more about this shot on my Facebook Page


The wonderful Cherry Blossoms in Bonn, Germany (Kirschblütenbäume in Bonn)

The Shot
The cherry blossoms have arrived in Germany. In Bonn to be exact and this street (Heerstrasse) is simply awesome. The entire street is covered in Cherry Blossoms for the next week or so – that’s how long they last and it felt like every single photographer was out there and shooting last night. It was of a test run for to see how it goes and it proved to be more difficult than expected. To a larger degree thanks to incoming traffic, which caused my tripod to be removed every few seconds and people simply walking and standing in front of your lens, which can be annoying at times as well. Especially if you are at the end of a 2 minute exposure :). I am happy with the result but I think I can do better and will go back this week for round number 2. There is still a light amount of lens flare and I think composition could be improved as well but anyways, it’s a beautiful sight and more importantly – it’s finally something that’s local!

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The Photo was taken with the following gear
Nikon D7000
Tokina 11-16mm @11mm and f/16 and 82 sec
+Induro AT114
Vanguard SBH250
Remote Release and Mirror Lock-up

Going back and shooting more cherry blossoms is on my list for this week as well as starting to plan on doing a few basic tutorials based on a few of my images, to show you how easy it can be to create truly stunning photographs. Give me some time and I will start to write :).

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  1. André, I really like your Bonn photographs.
    We should meet for a photowalk in Bonn ;)

  2. +André Distel  Nice shot! Can I share this post? ^^

  3. +OOM yaowabudtri sure, go ahead and share :)

  4. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with the #LandscapePhotography theme!!  I agree totally with your featured photographers!!  Two of my favorites!!

  5. Wow. Wow. Wow. So cool

  6. I love your composition here. Great photo.

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