A Slice of Time – Moselschleife, Germany

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A Slice of Time – Moselschleife, Germany

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I have been away for a while from G+ due to time constrains at work and focusing more on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/AndreDistelPhotography. I have also printed a lot more images in the last few weeks through +theprintspace for an upcoming exhibition.

The Shot
This is actually in older shot, taken about 12 months ago or only about an hours drive from our house. It took me a few attempts to get it right. No cars making turns or stopping while driving around and at the same time not over- oder underexposing the entire scene. The light trail in the centre was a funny coincidence. The official road ends where the light trail stops, so whoever drove there had to turn around. Add some extra spice to the scene. The Moselschleife is a part not to be missed when you are in the area.

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