Lavender – Valensole, France

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Besides this new print release, I have another important announcement to make. Many of you know, that I have been an avid user and fan of Luminosity Masking Techniques and the TKActions Panel for Photoshop. Tony Kuyper ( and I have been working over the last few months on a translation of the Luminosity Masks Panel and certain tutorials into German. As of last night, these TK Actions Panel is available for download from my website. Andre Distel Photography is the exclusive distributor of the German version of the panel. More information on the panel can be found here in both German and English:

Neben der neuen Druck Veröffentlichung gibt es noch eine weitere wichtige Mitteilung zu machen. Wie viele bereits wissen bin ich seit längerem ein großer Verfechter und Fan von Luminosity Masken Techniken in Photoshop. Tony Kuyper und ich haben über die letzten Wochen und Monate an einer deutschen Übersetzung der TK Actions, des TK Action Panels (TK Aktionen Bedienfeld) und einigen Tutorials gearbeitet und diese gestern veröffentlicht. Der Vertrieb des Photoshop Bedienfeldes erfolgt exklusiv über meine und Tony’s Webseite. Mehr Informationen zu dem Bedienfeld und dessen Funktionsweise könnt ihr hier auf Deutsch und Englisch finden:

The lavender fields in the provence have been on my bucket list for a while now. This summer, we finally decided to go and see what the fuzz is all about for ourselves. I can say, that whatever you see in this or all the other shots is real and it’s really cool. To avoid the crowds (there are LOTS of tourists) get up early and drive out to the fields in Valensole. This is where this shot was taken. I saw one other photographer on that same morning and +Elia Locardi was just two fields over to shoot a very similar scene. Make sure you visit this year around mid-July, just before the lavender is harvested.

To get a shot like this in conditions like this is for once pure luck, but also some post-processing work. I took five exposures and ended up using four of them for the final image. I manually blended very carefully the lights and darks in to re-create the original scene. Luminosity Painting was my weapon of choice here, since my Nikon D800 can’t reflect the entire dynamic range I wanted for this image. There are FREE TUTORIALS on my website in German and English on how I use the TK Actions in my post-processing workflow.

Nikon D800
Nikon 16-35mm f/4 @f/16
Exposure: various
+Induro AT114
Photoshop CC 2014 for curves adjustments via luminosity masks.
Hosted by +PhotoShelter

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  1. Wow this is incredible!

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  3. Mann kanns es sogar richen Lawenderduft ist herrlich
    Die Aufnahme ist noch schoener!)

  4. Riechen zum berichtigen

  5. Oh, I wish I could go there; your photo makes it look like a very beautiful place!

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