Moonrise over Mt. Cook

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The Shot
This was one of my absolute favorite moments in NZ. Admittely, I wasn't prepared for this. We hiked to Glacier Lake just before sunset to be there for sunrise. This all worked out well and I took the shots I was hoping to get in. We were pretty much alone there, except one other photographer who flew in from Wellington on that day for as the full moon was supposed to rise somewhere back there. A hour or so after sunset, I could see him leaving from his position where he endured several hours, when I all of a sudden from my elevated position could see the full moon rise over New Zealands highest mountain – Mt. Cook. I shouted and he ran back to his position and I sprinted down to the waterfront to take this shot.

A piece of driftwood, that when looked at closely, reflects the shape of the mountains in the background and glacial ice drifting towards me from the glacier in the background. You could hear it crack all night and then it slowly drifted towards me. On that one moment, everything seemed to come together. Wow – what an experience!

Technical aspects
This has been a highly complicated focus stack with several ISO's (high and low) and aperture settings. I also used various layers and masks in photoshop as well as my own sharpening actions to achieve this final result. If you are interested in learning my techniques with Tony Kuypers Actions, feel free to visit my website for the corresponding tutorial videos at

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