Chile Landscape Photography – Putre the Gateway to Lauca and the Atcama Desert

Putre is the perfect gateway for exploring Lauca National Park and the Atacama Desert. Our travels led us from Santiago – San Pedro de Atacama – Arica. I should mention that we decided to fly from Santiago to Calama (San … Continued

Parinacota Volcano Photo

The shot of the majestic Parinacota Volcano was taken last October. To get to this remote place, you have to fly into Arica (Chile), rent a car (4WD highly recommended) and drive up to Putre. We actually come from San … Continued

Doing something very unconventional…

…can be very rewarding. During our recent trip to South America (Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Galapagos), I often used my 85mm portrait lens for close up landscape shots. Before we did this trip I decided to trade my 18-200mm travel lens … Continued