This tutorial series consists of five individual tutorials, all covering different aspects of post processing in Photoshop. Some of the videos make use of the TKActions Panel V4 from Tony Kuyper. The tutorials are covering more advanced methods of post-processing and good knowledge of working with channels, masks, selections and adjustment layers in Photoshop is highly recommended.

  • 3 hours of in-depth instructional video tutorials
  • 5 videos covering intermediate to advanced topics
  • Inlcudes free Print and Sharpening Panel for Photoshop CC2014/CC2015
  • High-res 1080p videos
  • All images for processing included as full-res DNG files. All other files as full-res JPEG!

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Perfect Sharpening (31 min)

The first tutorial covers the important topic of sharpening and compares different sharpening methods. We are having a close look at the unsharp mask, smart sharpen, NIK pre-sharpen and my own sharpening action. We will learn when and how to apply sharpening to the image in the best possible way.


Creating Mood (35 min)

We will develop a photo together from the original RAW file to a finished image. Several adjustment layers and creative processing techniques are used here to achieve a more dreamy and moody effect. Simple techniques that have a huge impact on the look and feel of your photos. After the we have processed the image, we will look at two more images, where I will reveal all my layer adjustments to you. From the RAW file to the finished image to show exactly what I did and explain why I did it that way. Terrace Falls Waterfall in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

Exposure Blending and Creative Processing (50 min)

This tutorial is the centerpiece of the entire series where we will learn how to blend five different exposures into one image to increase the dynamic range and overcome the limitations of today’s cameras. The second part of the tutorial begins with the blended image from the first part and we will learn how to apply creative processing techniques to make our vision come alive. Orten lights effect, creative use of dodge and burn, luminosity painting, color adjustments, etc. are all part of this extensive tutorial.


Focus Stacking (40 min)

Focus stacking has been very popular and I will teach you how to focus stack images from wide-angle lenses as well as from zoom or longer focal length lenses. Besides the focus stack of just two images, we will also look at how to focus stack and blend images at the same time for ultimate depth of field and increased dynamic range.


Preparing for Print (25 min)

Printing an image is its very own art and I will show you different ways on how to prepare your images for print and explain the most common pitfalls. Mistakes in the file preparation can be expensive and we will learn on how to avoid these by applying a workflow to the print preparation of the file. This tutorial also covers output sharpening, softproof and brightness adjustments if your prints tend to turn out too dark.