Post processing video tutorials for landscape photography

Over the last couple years, I have developed a few different video tutorial series together with Tony Kuyper to teach luminosity masks and other related photoshop techniques in German language. In addition to the video tutorials we also published a German version of the V3 and V4 TKActions Panel for Photoshop. Due to the encouraging feedback and the fact that my tutorials have been accepted much better than I would have ever thought, I decided to translate my advanced video tutorial series “From Vision to Reality” also into English language. However, this is not a simple translation but a complete re-recording with the V4 panel and also my own panel to teach advanced Photoshop post processing techniques mainly geared towards landscape photography.

Flag_of_Germany Wenn ihr die deutsche Seite der Video Tutorials oder des TKAction Panels sucht, klickt hier. (English translation: If you are looking for the German version of my video tutorials or the TK Actions panel, simply click the link above.)

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Andre Distel Von der Vision zur Realitaet

From Vision to Reality – Landscape post processing in Photoshop – NEW

This tutorial series consists of five individual tutorials, all covering different aspects of post processing in Photoshop. The tutorials are covering more advanced methods of post processing and good knowledge of working with channels, masks, selections and adjustment layers in Photoshop is recommended. More information about this series here…

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Sharpening and Print Panel

AD Sharpening and Print Panel V2

A free Print and Sharpening Panel for Photoshop CC2014 and CC2015 based on the video tutorial series “From Vision to Reality”. The installation process for the panel is mostly manual, but fairly easy and installation instructions are included in English and German language. The panel is free to download and use. If you feel like it, please feel free to enter a $ amount you feel adequate in the shopping cart for the panel.

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