Lavender – Provence, France

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NEW VIDEO TUTORIAL SERIES (Weiter unten für Deutsch) After the release of the German version of the TKActions Panel a few months ago and the first German Video Tutorial Series, I have now released my second video tutorial set ("From … Continued

Rheintal – Petersberg – Limited Edition Local 13 Series

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(Weiter unten für News in Deutsch und Luminanzmasken Tutorials!)THE SHOTThis shot was taken last last year between Christmas and New Years. Prior to this morning, we had few really nice sunrises and I knew I had to go and shoot … Continued

Cherry Blossom Tunnel – Bonn, Germany – Limited Edition Local 13 Series

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We were out with a bunch of photographers +Lars Vonderschmitt +Elmar Schrage +Marcus Schommler +Alessio Fangano and a couple more last weekend shooting the amazing cherry blossom trees in Bonn. It only lasts 2-3 weeks and this was captured right … Continued

Moraine Lake – Canadian Rockies

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The Shot A pretty straightforward shot, but still one my most popular photos. Not only in social networks but also in print. I guess, it is simply the stunning scenery, that convince people of this shot. Moraine Lake is and … Continued

Parinacota Volcano – Reflections

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News Reflections is the right word for this week. Many of us are reflecting over the past year, especially photographers who come up with their 12 best images and post them again. I have done this in my last post … Continued

The Bean – Chicago

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News The year 2012 is coming to an end and luckily the Maya were wrong. Many photographers look back and usually post their 12 best images of the year. I will do so in my next post and can’t wait … Continued

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