André Distel's vollständiger Guide zu Luminanzmasken

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NEW VIDEO TUTORIAL SERIES & NEW TKACTIONS PANEL V4 Deutsch: (see below for English)Nach monatelanger Arbeit haben Tony Kuyper und ich, gestern die V4 Version des TKAction Panels (TK Aktionen Bedienfeld) veröffentlicht. Zusammen mit dem Bedienfeld gibt es ebenfalls neue … Continued

Mt Ngauruhoe – New Zealand

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Post Processing Video Tutorials & Photoshop TK Actions Panel (German) at English (unten für Deutsch)Settled in Tongariro National Park is Mount Ngauruhoe (it took me quite some time to be able to pronounce that name) an active volcano. The … Continued

Lavender – Provence, France

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NEW VIDEO TUTORIAL SERIES (Weiter unten für Deutsch) After the release of the German version of the TKActions Panel a few months ago and the first German Video Tutorial Series, I have now released my second video tutorial set ("From … Continued

Rheintal – Petersberg – Limited Edition Local 13 Series

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(Weiter unten für News in Deutsch und Luminanzmasken Tutorials!)THE SHOTThis shot was taken last last year between Christmas and New Years. Prior to this morning, we had few really nice sunrises and I knew I had to go and shoot … Continued

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