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Print Quality

The hardest thing when buying art online is to judge the image quality. I have created this page to show you the amount detail in my photos. My Limited Edition Prints are made to the highest image quality standards. I currently use a Nikon D800 36 Megapixel full-frame camera with some of Nikon's finest lenses. You can find the array of equipment that I use for most of my photos here. I print all of my Limited Edition Series with a dedicated partner printing lab in the UK or Germany, depending on size and options wanted by the customer. I personally sign and number all prints before they leave for the customer, ensuring the print is up to my standards. To give you an example of the amount of detail in my photos, I have added a detailed shot of one of my images. The image below of the Waiale Falls in Kauai was shot with a wide-angle lens, meaning a lot more detail had to will be in the shot. Wide-angle shots are demanding and require the best equipment. Below is a cut-out from the full image, is the full image for your reference.

Here is the full image for you reference. As you can see the crop above is extremely small, yet still extremely detailed. As a photographer running a web-presence things such as website load times and copyrights are of major concern. That's why almost all of the photos I publish on social media or my website are scaled down to 1200px on the long edge as a maximum. I also reduce the image quality slightly, so that no real prints can be made from my files. All originals are safely stored with backups in multiple locations.

I hope that this page will help you to get a feeling for the outstanding resolution and detail most of my photos have. If you want to print larger than the webshop allows you, please let me know and we can certainly arrange with some images if much larger print sizes. Even today, I am still amazed by the image quality, once I hold the real print in my hands. It makes a huge difference from seeing on your computer screen and holding a 30" x 45" framed print in your hands.

Choosing the right size


The size shown on the product page always represents the longest edge of the image. The other side will be in relation to the longest side.

Example: 60cm (24") in standard 2:3 image format will have final dimensions of 60cm x 40cm (24x16"). A photo in size 90cm (36") in a standard 2:3 format will have final dimensions of 90x60cm (36x24"). As not all images are in standard format in order to best show the artists intention, there would be simply too many sizes to list. If you have questions about the final size of your image please feel free to contact me.

Premium Framing

The size with the mounting option Premium Framing always represents the print size and not the frame size! The frame will of course the larger than the image.

All frames have a width of about 3cm (1 1/4") and a depth of 2,6cm (1"). All frames come with gallery mounting system, so you can hang them directly on your wall.

The passepartout (or mat) is museum grade-quality and is 6cm wide on all sides of the images. The image itself has another 1,5cm border to show the fine detailed structure of the paper. All in all, you can add about 18cm (7") in width to the chosen image size.

Acrylic Face Mount

The chosen size of Acrylic Face Mount prints are exactly the same as the print sizes. Since Acrylic Face Mounts require a certain size to show, I only offer these types of mountings options starting at 75cm (30") on the longest edge. Acrylic Face Mounts represent my most popular products among customers.